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Geoffrey / Gottfried Arens
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You can Download the eBioo STARTER Software version here.
Software with a 3 months charge free TEST period, to be download as ZIP compressed folder;

The full versions of eBioo cannot be downloaded and are delivered on CD only !

I would like to order the selected articles:
Please send an offer together with the request confirmation to my eMail address.


Phone  : +49 241 85089

permanent registration + activation for eBioo
for the Neurobit Optima Hardware with Hardware Serial Number:
For customers that have passed the test period with eBioo STARTER only !

for Hardware with Product Serial No.:
Payment Methods:

Payment Method:

Order without risk - Remark: A request confirmation will be sent to you. You can confirm your order thereafter. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send an eMail.